1 Level 1 Month


1 Level 1 Month is a small challenge that I started for myself. The challenge was to create a full level within 1 month for 6 months. Sterak’s Outpost and Gun Runner were the standout levels, but these were the other four levels made during that time. More details can be found below.

Death Run is a level made in Far Cry 4 level editor. The player has to escape, and has very limited resources to fight back against their super natural enemies. The player makes their way out of the canyon and takes a leap of faith from the cliff to the waters below.


Lair of the Snake is a quest mod made for Fallout 4. The level features an abandoned warehouse swarming with bandits with various combat areas. The player is tasked with eliminating their leader.


White Out is a Far Cry 4 level designed for wave based defense. The player has a small village that they must defend against waves of mercenaries. The player is vastly outnumbers and must take advantage of zip lines and defensible positions to stay alive.

Portfolio2FC4 11

Courtyard is a level designed for Reflex, an arena style shooter. The map is for the 1v1 mode and features a central area that encourages the players to confront each other in the center. Tunnels offer flanking routes, while also funneling back into the main combat area.