Key Skills
Level Design
Game Design

One-Shot Games
– Formed and helped lead a small team of developers.
– Shipped Overtime, a short horror experience.
– Prototyped gameplay features.
– Designed levels from preproduction to finished project.
– Scripted puzzles, enemy AI and gameplay.
– Worked closely with gameplay programmers to ensure player experience felt as intended.
– Managed deadlines and ensured team stayed on top of priority tasks.
– Featured Overtime at Sacramento Indie Arcade.
– Competed in and took 1st place in annual CSU Sacramento 24 hour game jam.

– Published several maps for Far Cry games with 4+ star ratings.
– Published Sterak’s Outpost, a quest mod for Skyrim.
– Published Wildwood Crypt, a quest mod for Fallout 4.
– Extensive work in several editors imcluding The Creation Kit, Hammer, Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.

GDC Conference Associate (2017)
– Worked with Conference Associate team to ensure GDC was a good experience for attendees.
– Coordinated with speakers to ensure smooth talks.

Design Productions
Web Designer
– Met with clients to discuss what they wanted from their website.
– Using their ideas, created and maintained their websites.
– Designed logos, graphics for use on client’s websites.
– Created signs, business cards and flyers.

Full Sail University
Game Design Bachelors of Science
– Current GPA – 3.48
– Graduation June 2018.
– Led group projects in the development of levels, board games and game pitches.


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