E3 Wrap Up

E3 is still going strong on the expo floor, but with the majority of reveals out of the way I wanted to take a look at what I’m most excited for.

Let’s start at the game I might be the most excited for… and that’s Insomiac Games’ PS4 exclusive, Spider-Man!


Not a lot of details on this one, but as a huge Spider-Man fan this is a dream combination. Insomniac are experts at creating unique and light-hearted experiences. During interviews they said the best Spider-Man stories come when Peter’s world and Spidey’s world collide, and I couldn’t agree more. Pete will be a bit older and more experienced in this title; meaning we’re going to get a Spider-Man at his full potential. Plus, that white spider on the suit is looking sweet!

Continuing the Superhero dream teams is Telltale’s Batman.


This is a game we’ve known about, but we finally got some more details and screen shots. Telltale are masters at telling rich stories and bringing characters to life. They’ve done phenomenal jobs on other comic properties such as The Walking Dead and Fables. It’ll be fascinating to see their take on The Dark Knight himself.

From Superheroes to Zombies!


Days Gone13stateofdecay2.jpgState of Decay 2


Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 3

Now I could write articles for each of these games individually… but I’m trying my best to contain my excitement into one blog post. New comer Days Gone looks like a solid outing into the post apocalypse. I’m sensing an open world and a Naughty Dog esque story line. Plus, do yourself a favor and watch the gameplay if you haven’t, because some incredible tech was on display. There were more zombies on screen and moving fluidly then I have ever seen, and that’s impressive when you look at game such as Dead Rising. Next up a sequel to what I consider one of the best zombie games ever, State of Decay 2. This time around we’re getting what we all wanted, a 4 player romp around the zombie apocalypse. Last but not least, a game I hold very dear to my heart… Telltale’s The Walking Dead.

If you’re reading this blog, you might know I want to be a Game Designer. The first studio I ever stepped foot in was Telltale. One fateful day I saw a post on Twitter about a Focus Test for Season 1 Episode 4. I jumped at the opportunity and the rest is history. Anyways, we got a teaser trailer for season 3 showing us an older Clementine taking out a ‘marked’ zombie with a new character by her side. Who is this new guy? Why are these zombies marked? Where has Clem been? All of these are questions I can’t wait to have answered.

I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface… but don’t want to ramble on so I’m going to leave you all with some pretty pictures and a list of the other games that really caught my eye. Thanks for reading! Are you excited about any of the games shown at E3?

Dad of War.PNG

The Dad of War himself, Kratos, rocking an awesome new beard in a new Norse setting.

Mass Effect Ryder.PNG

Mass Effect Andromeda’s new protagonist, Ryder. “We made it”


Robo dino open world RPG Horizon Zero Dawn.

Til next time!