As an opportunity to learn more about my craft, I participated in a Level Design for Games course at CGMA. It was a 10 week course on Level Design instructed by Emelia Shatz who is a Co-Lead Game Designer at Naughty Dog. The following images will showcase some of my work from that course. Each scene or level was done within a week using Maya and Unity.

This desert scene was focused on composition and balancing a scene. The intention was to draw the player’s eye to the focal point at the far end of the canyon.


The next three images are from an abandoned town scene that was focused on creating distinct districts within a levels through prop placement, use of color and other means of creating a unique identity. Giving each district a purpose made navigation through the space easier and more memorable.

This district was easily recognized by the flooded buildings on the right and church.ChurchThis district was meant to appear burned down and more threatening. I used sharp geometry and dark colors to evoke danger and worry from the player.w6-Joey-Simas-3This district was characterized by the overgrown nature and bright color pallet. This district was on the opposite end of the burned down one, and used circular shapes to calm the player. w6-Joey-Simas-1This ruin entrance was meant to take the player from one space that felt safe and comfortable to one that had more structure and purpose. I tried to illustrate this by using round, nonthreatening shapes during the approach and more rectangular shapes toward the ruins.EntranceThis open field scene takes place after exiting the ruins from the image above. This particular shot shows off a prospect area that the player would see from within a refuge. This shot was intended to allow the player a moment to strategize before a potential ambush.AmbushThis ruins scene acted as a valve and as an opportunity for the player to see their objective and use it to orient themselves throughout the level. The player would clearly see the tower that they needed to get to, and would drop in to the ruins to explore further.Ruins