Compound is an Outpost level designed in FarCry 4’s level editor.

Design Goal
A FarCry 4 outpost level that emphasizes observation and creativity.


Compound was made slowly over a 2 month span. The inspiration was a town from DayZ. I wanted to see if I could recreate the general feel and flow of the town and turn it into an interesting combat zone. The first week was spent gathering refernce material consisting of screenshots from various angles and overhead views. The second week was spent on terrain and laying out the set peices of the town. Week three and four was spent constructing the rest of the town and adjusting terrain. Week five was spent planning and implementing AI. I wanted to make sure that each of the enemies was doing more then wandering so there is a lot of AI manipulation around the map to make it feel like the guards rotate. The final week was spent polishing player paths. Whenever I design levels I try to make sure there are a lot of ways for the player to tackle the challenges they will be presented.

The level is a compound run by mercenaries along the countryside.

Map Story
A compound has been located that is housing a squad of mercenaries. They have begun denying passage through their territory causing problems for the locals. Peaceful compromises were offered, but the mercenaries denied.

Map Objectives
Dispatch the enemies and take out their radio beacons to cut off their communications.

Compound is a wide open level. The player can navigate to the nearby hill to find a hunter’s rifle and great vantage points for sniping, or he can try to infiltrate the base from the communications tower which will give them an opportunity to scout out the guard rotations. There are many other ways to tackle the level as well, it’s all up to the player.

Compound was a lot of fun to make. It was different for me because instead of creating my own layout I went of a preexisting design and put my twist on it.