Homecoming Link Image

Homecoming is a custom published map that I made during Ubisoft’s Far Cry Map Jam. The theme was Hope County and the challenge was to use the Far Cry 4 assets to create a map themed after the new environment featured in Far Cry 5, Hope County.

I approached the map from an open world perspective. I wanted the player to go anywhere on the map and find something interesting to do, and at the center was a large outpost that could be approached from several angles. These approaches allowed me to craft paths that accommodate any play style.  It took a lot of iteration to get right, but I was very happy with the end result.

Animation points were set up in such a way that the player could often get the drop on enemies. This included setting up idle animation facing certain directions to allow the player to sneak up or move passed, to setting up patrols that the player could analyze and move around.

Tools: Far Cry 4 Map Editor
Time: 2 Weeks