You can find a demo here: Overtime Demo

Overtime is a psychological horror game being made in Unity. Overtime is still in development and the information here is subject to change.

My Role
I was responsible for the level design, asset creation and narrative of Overtime.

For Level Design I started on paper. The levels went through a lot of iterations. The images below are the final layouts that made it into the final demo build. Even when I was satisfied with the layouts they still went through more changes. In area 2, vents were changed and what was once a closet became another office. Small changes, but it’s all about creating flow once in the editor. Area 2 was originally designed with a patrolling enemy in mind, but through testing I discovered the patrolling enemy was either too difficult or eventually became less scary. So that was replaced with enemies that spawn and chase you until you lose them. I was also responsible for the scripting in the level. This included setting up triggers and programming the events that happen in the game.

For Asset Creation I created a modular wall kit to quickly build the levels in Maya. I then created all of the 3d- models and decorated the levels inside unity. Some of the models can be seen below.

My Team – I worked closely with two programmers. While I did the scripting for the level, they were responsible for all of the larger mechanics in the game (picking up objects, reading notes etc). I worked closely with them in order to create the intended feel for the game. In area 2 there is a keypad. Working with my team I detailed what I needed the keypad to do and how I needed it to work. I then sent them over the 3d Model and they set everything else up for it to work. That is just a small example of the many things we did through teamwork.