Snowfall Link Image

Snowfall is a custom published Outpost map for Far Cry 4. The goal was to design a level that encouraged outsmarting enemies through clever movement and flanking. Player’s can take out the Outpost quietly, or go loud. The level features various routes and pick ups for differing play styles. I also set up various animation points and patrols so that the player has to look for an opening. Guards will often rotate. If the player bides their time, the AI will eventually occupy themselves with random tasks that take up their attention so the player can sneak past.

If the player doesn’t take out the 4 alarms and alerts the AI, there are two waves of enemies set up to attack the outpost. This turns the gameplay of the level on it’s head. Where the player was once on the offensive, sneaking around taking out guards, they must now play more defensively and prepare for the incoming enemies.

I designed this Outpost map as if it were in an open world game. Therefore the outpost can be approached from various angles. Each angle has it’s own advantages and disadvantages to reinforce different play styles.

Time – 2 Weeks

Original Concept;


Top Down Map with Gameplay Icons;

  • Purple Icons are Enemies
  • Puppet Icons are Animation Points
  • Ammo Icons are Pickups (ammo, medkits)
  • Gun Icons are Weapon Pickups
  • Bell Icons are Alarms


In Game Screenshots; 123456