Sterak’s Outpost


You can download the Sterak’s Outpost mod here: Sterak’s Outpost

Sterak’s Outpost
Sterak’s Outpost is a published Quest Mod designed in Skyrim’s Creation Kit and released on PC. Sterak’s Outpost is a dungeon with a few branching paths. The player has the drop on the bandits, and so has the element of surprise on their side. By exploring the branching areas the player can find notes written by the bandits that detail where Sterak has hidden his personal stash of gold and loot. I love the “aha” moment when the player discovers the key’s location and proceed to toss the book’s off the shelf to get it. These notes also help flesh out the story of the level. Each encounter offers a variety of enemies to make each fight different. Eventually culminating in a final battle with Sterak himself.

Time – 4 Weeks